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Best Toy Cars for Kids

Hey fellow parents and playtime enthusiasts! If you’ve ever found yourself on the quest for the ultimate toy cars that will fuel your kids’ imagination and keep them entertained for hours, you’re at the right place. Saudi Arabia’s toy scene is as vibrant as its desert sunsets, and we’re here to guide you through the lanes of miniature wonders. Let’s explore the absolute best toy cars that are taking playtime to a whole new level in the Kingdom. Spoiler alert: Get ready for some serious fun and happy kiddo faces ahead!

Best Toy Cars for Kids

1. LEGO® Technic™ NEOM McLaren Toy Car Set

Get ready for some cool building action with the NEOM McLaren Extreme E Race Car – a pull-back toy perfect for boys and girls aged 7 and up. Let your kids dive into the excitement of constructing their very own race car and then watch it zoom with the pull-back action. With chunky off-road tires and realistic partner logos, this LEGO Technic model brings the thrill of Extreme E racing right to their playroom. It’s not just a gift; it’s basically an introduction to engineering, offering young ones a taste of the engineering universe through realistic movement and mechanisms. This creative toy set is a great gift for your kids and we are sure they are going to love it!

Price : SAR198


2. DMG RC Car Robot for Kids

Introducing one of the best toy car for kids : The DMG RC car – a thrilling blend of fun and tech for your little ones! With Gesture Sensing Induction and one-button transformation, it easily shifts from a car to a robot, responding to either the controller or a simple wave of your hand. Watch it perform impressive 360-degree turns in both modes with easy controller toggles for movement. Press the demo button for a fantastic show set to exciting music! Isn’t it an amazing gift for your kids?

This high-end, durable, and cool smart remote control car isn’t just a toy; it’s a tech-savvy car model. The perfect gift for birthdays, prizes, raffles, or Eid – it keeps kids away from screens, fostering coordination and thinking skills. Bring joy and innovation to playtime!

Price : SAR79


3. Speed and Ares SRT Hellcat

Get ready for a playtime adventure with this awesome car featuring an Open Door Design and a super realistic interior! The double doors swing open, and the inside is decked out with lifelike details that kids will love.

Turn up the fun with Sound and Light effects! Pop in the button battery at the bottom, open the doors, and enjoy cool music and lights that’ll bring the car to life.

This super cool car can be a perfect gift for kids of all age. Even the fathers would love to play with this we are sure!

Price : SAR89


4. SASBSC Toy Car Model X

Featuring operable doors, trunk, and hood, along with a meticulously detailed interior, this model car stands as an ideal gift for boys with a penchant for Model X toy cars, be it for birthdays or Eid.

Experience the full functionality by opening the doors and activating the headlights and tail lights. Furthermore, these Pull Back Cars, equipped with sound and LED enhancements, represent Model X 90 Toys tailored for children aged 4 to 12 years. Even though it is a toy, it is very graceful and can even be used as a table decoration for car enthusiasts.



5. LEGO City Police Car

Engage young minds with the LEGO City Police Car build-and-play set, designed for children aged 5 and up. Inside the box, discover all the components necessary to construct a toy police car, complete with ample space for the accompanying police officer minifigure.

This building toy not only encourages imaginative play but also provides an opportunity for kids to delve into the construction process before placing the police officer behind the wheel for exciting crook-chasing adventures.

An ideal gift for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just a regular day of surprises, this LEGO City Police Car promises endless fun. It is a perfect on-the-go companion for playtime adventures wherever kids may roam.

Price : SAR 74


6. LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari

Explore the thrill of speed with the LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari, tailored for vehicle-loving kids aged 9 and above, and those who hold a special place in their hearts for the iconic Italian car brand.

Included in this set is a minifigure driver, complete with a helmet and wig, ready to take the wheel for some superfast action on the track or road. The meticulously designed Ferrari 812 Competizione replica is characterized by its signature red color, complemented by a yellow stripe that spans the entire car, a black stripe on the bonnet, and prominent vortex generators.

With 261 pieces, this LEGO sports car promises an engaging build experience before transforming into a premium play-and-display model.

Price : SAR 117


7. Transforming RC Car

Experience the ultimate in remote control fun with our 2-in-1 robot car toy. With a simple press of a button, it effortlessly transforms from a car to a robot, offering a delightful show when the demo button is activated. The cool light design, featuring LED lights for bright illumination in the dark, adds a futuristic touch. The flexible drift wheel allows for impressive 360-degree turns in both robot and car forms, providing a realistic racing experience.

Easy control ensures children can engage in fast and exciting races with each other. Perfect for kids aged 5 and above, this gift toy car promotes active play, making it an excellent choice for birthdays or special occasions. Encourage quality time and skill development by keeping your children engaged away from screens.

Price : SAR 89


8. Fast & Furious 2020 Toyota Supra

This beautiful toy car stands as a genuine and faithful replica derived from the iconic Fast & Furious film series. Crafted with freewheeling die-cast precision, it ensures a high level of authenticity in its design and performance. Scaled at 1:24, equivalent to approximately 20cm, the attention to detail is evident, offering a true representation of the vehicles featured in the movies. Notably, this replica boasts functional features, including opening doors and a trunk, enhancing the overall interactive experience. As an additional highlight, it is prominently showcased in the acclaimed Fast & Furious 9 film, further adding to its appeal for kids and collectors alike.

Price : SAR 194


This concludes our list for best toy cars for kids. We hope you like our picks and gift these amazing toys to your kids. They are surely going to love them and have a great time playing.

Stay tuned for more such recommendations.

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